Amy Bushill



Partly responsible for Morrisons being the wonkiest supermarket around, not to mention the mastermind behind the name of Dominos Italian style pizza base. I’m on a mission to get the IKEA catalogue rebranded as a baby names book and am in the process of creating an easy ‘how to make a pigeon a meal’ flyer in order to kill two birds with one stone: Over population of pigeons and hungry homeless! 

 Things to Shout About:

Winner of Cream and nominated for a Chip Shop Award! 


Plus I was mentioned as a 'one to watch' by Digital Arts online...

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 15.27.42.png

I think I can call myself a designer as I went to University of the Arts London’s very prestigious Central Saint Martins – Here’s what Kayne said about Central Saint Martins and we all know he is full of sense!


A little something about me:

 Well I’m a lover of all things London so if you loose me I will probably be at London’s latest pop up! I am also a keen swimmer so I do come with a slight whiff of chlorine!

I also do this weird thing called Slacklining and am working on starting my own Slacklining club in London..