Amy Bushill
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Worth Every Penny

Worth Every Penny

Idea: Remind parents how to get pay back for all the years they have given their children lifts.

Insight: Driving lessons are exspensive


Advert 1:  Picking up Dads from the pub

Son pulls up to the side of the road and he huffs. The doors open and his dad and his friends shove into the car in a rowdy manner.

Dad:  'Thanks Son' Then looks around to his mates and says 'BSM driving school, worth every penny'


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Advert 2: Grannies

Grandson is driving his gran along in the car.

Gran: 'Thanks for taking me to the doctors dear. Oh pull over here we are just picking up Judy then you can drop us to Bingo. I knew you wouldn't mind'

Grandson looks shocked and pulls over. Another elderly lady gets in.

Gran: 'Hello Judy, How are you. You should get your granddaughter some BSM driving lessons they really are worth every penny!'


Advert 3: Sisters

Brother is driving along with his two sisters in the back of the car. He pulls over to the side of the road and his mum gets in.

Mum: 'Oh Hi Love, Sorry I am a bit late I've just had the best catch up with Susan. Thanks for getting the girls. Those BSM driving lessons were worth every penny!'

Son rolls his eyes.


PR Stunt Idea: David Beckam says Brooklyns driving lessons were 'Worth every penny'